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Fostering Respect, Ensuring Compliance

Welcome to AD-roit LinkS, a legal sanctuary where experience, advocacy, and innovation converge to uphold the pillars of justice. With a steadfast commitment to help creating equitable environments, women’s empowerment and the prevention of workplace harassment, we are more than a law firm – we are the architects of transformation. Join us on a journey that spans 16 years of dedicated practice, rooted in strong advocacy, innovative strategies, and a team of expert litigators.

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Who We Are

AD-roit LinkS, we are more than our legal expertise; we are your partners in shaping a more just and equitable world. Our journey is etched with 16+ years of experience, a testament to our dedication to making a difference. Beyond the years, we’re defined by our unwavering principle of fostering respect. Every case, every challenge, and every victory is underlined by our commitment to uphold the dignity of individuals and create workplaces that are safe, respectful, and free from harassment.

Our Team

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Leeza Dutta Singh


Leeza is a seasoned Corporate Lawyer and a licensed attorney registered with Delhi Bar Council.

Leeza’s practice area is focused on advising companies on compliance, business and technology transactions and a wide range of day-to-day legal issues.


Dr. Parul Gurudev


Dr.Parul Gurudev is a seasoned legal professional and a practicing Lawyer in Delhi, NCR having an extensive practice of 16+ years in all aspects of Constitutional Law, Family Law, Insurance Law, Service Matters, Employment Law, Banking Litigation including Consumer Complaints, Debt Recovery Suits while keeping abreast with the ever evolving SEBI regulations and compliance.

Our Team

Leeza Dutta Singh

Founder and Managing Partener

Leeza is a seasoned Corporate Lawyer and a licensed attorney registered with Delhi Bar Council.

Dr. Parul Gurudev


Dr.Parul Gurudev is a seasoned legal professional and a practicing Lawyer in Delhi, NCR.

Our Expertise

Our prowess extends beyond legal practice; it encompasses our passion to drive compliance and create positive change. With a strong advocacy for women’s empowerment, we’re dedicated to navigating the intricate landscapes of prevention of workplace harassment. Our innovative strategies bring legal intricacies into sharp focus, crafting solutions that ensure compliance while fostering environments that thrive on respect. We are equally passionate about defending men against false and malicious allegations of harassment. These potentially damaging false accusations should not be taken lightly. We at AD-roit LinkS believe persons wrongfully accused of sexual harassment deserve zealous legal representation and vindication of their good names.

Our Principles and Values: UPHOLDING RESPECT & COMPLIANCE​

At AD-roit LinkS , our principles and values are more than just words; they’re the lifeblood of our practice. We stand firmly for fostering respect, where every individual’s rights and dignity are upheld. Our relentless pursuit of ensuring compliance is driven by a commitment to empower, to protect, and to advocate for those who seek justice. Our value of fostering respect transcends every case we handle, while our dedication to ensuring compliance stands as a testament to our pledge to build workplaces free from harassment.

In every action, every strategy, and every solution, AD-roit LinkS echoes a spirit of transformation. We’re not just legal representatives; we’re the catalysts who shape a society rooted in respect and compliance. With 16 years of experience as our foundation, we’ve embraced innovation and strong advocacy to carve a unique path that leads to change – a path that paves the way for a world where women are empowered, and workplaces are secure and respectful.

Join us on this journey, as we champion women’s empowerment, advocate for justice, and navigate the intricacies of compliance. Together, we are AD-roit LinkS, committed to a future that respects, protects, and empowers.

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